Villa Holidays and Apartments in Turkey

Turkey is often referred to as the gateway to Asia, and therefore it is no surprise that both Asian and European influences are abundantly clear in the major cities. The further east you go the more foreign it can seem to the western visitor, although always welcoming and always highly enjoyable. There is as much history in its rugged land as anywhere else in world, meaning even if you come in search of sea and sun, you will not be able to avoid the culture brimming from its earth.

Istanbul is the pulsating capital which encompasses everything that is good about Turkey. The city has a history which stretches back over 2500 years, with influences coming from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. With so much culture on show, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Istanbul is now a thriving city with a vibrant social life. By staying in a Turkey holiday rental apartment you could spend most of your holiday exploring the history during the day and the local restaurants at night.

Ankara is Turkey’s ‘other city’ which has just as much about it as the capital. Sitting almost directly in the centre of the country, Ankara boasts attractions such as the Temple of Augustus and Rome and the Ahi Elvan Mosque – a reminder as if you needed one that this is a deeply religious Muslim country. If you want to try some traditional Turkish cuisine, this is the place to do it. Simply book into a Turkey holiday rental villa and breathe in the best of the east.

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